We are planning a weekly series of FREE webinars to discuss tourism in a post COVID-19 world. The series will consider such questions as,
Consider how tourism can be rebuilt post COVID-19? Consider how a new paradigm in tourism can be developed to provide a sustainable future? Review the impacts of COVID-19 on different sectors, e.g. hotels, 2030 SDGs, destination management, marketing of a country (e..g. will people travel to countries where they are uncertain of covid-19?) flying and health (e.g. between countries)  
The idea is to start a discussion on these important and challenging issues that the tourism industry now faces. The first webinar will take place on the 10th April 2020 @ 11am BST.  
What time are the weekly webinars?
Unless otherwise stated, webinars are every Friday at @ 11am BST time.  The time may change dependings on where our speaker live in the world.   
E7. Rebuilding Tourism -Case Study on Thailand
Friday 5th June @ 11am UK time
Additional webinars will be added and promoted in due course.

Past Webinars
E1 Impact & Challenges on UN Sustainable Development Goals
E2 Impact & Challenges on UN Sustainable Development Goals

E3 From Overtourism to a COVID-19 Immobile world

E4 Global Problems Require Global Solutions: Rethinking Tourism
E5. Rebuilding Tourism -Case Study on Nepal
E6. Rebuilding Tourism -Case Study on Ecuador
Alternative ways to view the webinar...
Our webinars can also be viewed live on Youtube.  No registration is required.  Participation is limited to view only. 
How can I join these webinars?
1.  If you wish to participate then you will need to register for each webinar using the registration link for each topic.  To ensure your participation please make sure you use your real name. 
2.  Registration and participation is FREE of cost.
3.  You can join ZOOM via your PC, Tablet or Mobile phone.  You can either install the ZOOM client when joining the webinar or install client in advance via the following -LINK
4. Audience members in ZOOM will be able to pose questions to our panellists through the Q&A button. We will endeavour to answer as many questions as we can but due to time constraints we can not guarantee that your question will be raised in the webinar.   
5. Selected questions will be read out by the Chair (with your name mentioned) and put to the panel.  Please ensure that you mention who you directing your question to  (specific panellist) or if it is an OPEN question for all keynote panellists.
How can I find out what time these webinars are taking place in my own country?
You can convert London (BST) time to your country's time by visiting -HERE