Italian Public Tourism Sector, Bureaucracy and Change Management Process: Four Bureaucratic Organizational Typologies


  • Alfonso Marino, Professor University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
  • Paolo Pariso, Dr University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”


This study intends to identify factors that can aid the management of change in the Italian public tourism sector (IPTS). The bureaucracy in IPTS were analysed so as to identify organizational typologies and assess underlying management culture in order to pinpoint the elements that could influence the process of change. The study considered, within IPTS, two regions, one located in southern Italy (Campania Public Tourism Sector – CPTS), and the other in northern Italy (Tuscany Public Tourism Sector – TPTS). The specific data are the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - MiBacT – 2017 and 24 privileged witnesses. The paper reports findings from research in progress. The data were collected through using a questionnaire and statistically analysed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22.0. The case study allows to identify different typologies of bureaucracy in IPTS (insensitive, sensitive, participated and proactive) and data show the correlation between managerial culture and change management in bureaucracy. The research was limited to only 2 Italian regions out of a total of 22. It is necessary to extend the research to the other regions located in the North and the South of Italy. Possible measures to address operational and cultural problems in the regions have been identified in further research at the national level, analysis of good practices and cross contamination of proactive managers with the participated and insensitive managers. This process can be identified as a change process for the IPTS. It is the first IPTS research paper on the CPTS and TPTS.  The analysis may be extended to the entire country. Such a view rejects a stance whereby the bureaucracy could be regarded as ultimately unchangeable. It must instead be seen as under constant development and re-interpretation.

Keywords: Italian Public Tourism Sector, Campania and Tuscany, Factor Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Bureaucratic Theory, Quantitative and Qualitative Approach, Management



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